Erin "no-judgement zone" Hayes

It started way back in kentucky...

I was born an organizer. Before i could talk I was tidying my room and the rest of the house.  Everything had to have a home. Even then, I loved the feeling of knowing that everything had its own place. We don't often get to know that in life. After working in the corporate world and then the music business, I felt drawn back to organizing. Today I am the acting Secretary of the New York Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), growing my business and learning from every client I work with. Organizing is my passion, but what I truly love are the people I get to work with. My job is not to tidy your closet, or clear out the junk drawer. it's to find the connection between the things you have and the life you live. It is to work toward that moment where everything clicks, and we find the organizer in you.